Avant-Garde Out
Art film was created as a spin-off to an art work «Dynamic City» by Soviet-Russian avant-garde artist Gustav Klutsis made in 1919. Duration of 30 seconds, including soundtrack.

The main challenge was to create a natural zooming out from the figure of a man to 3d model of avant-garde composition. While the man's hight dimension is 5 ft the width of the "dynamic city" would be 3-4 miles. In this case I fine-tuned camera position to be infinitely remote so it would look like he is being filmed from the surface of the moon or another planet. While zooming out the figure becomes smaller untill it becomes tiny dot but never disappears. This shows the ideas laid down by first avant-garde artists of the beginning of the XX century that human is not only unique person, but at the same time active part of the whole thing that is way bigger than him. The giant avant-garde composition is showing contrast in scale comparing man's height and a city he is walking in. Playing with scale contrast is one of my favourite tools in art, it brings a feeling of infinite possibilities revealed by technologies to a human of the current century.

Gustav Klutsis (1895 — 1938) was a member of Artistic Association and Art School VHUTEMAS, he made considerable amount of outstanding works of art. Shot away with many other artists by Stalin in 1938.

Still frames, wireframe and additional renders
NFT ownership package includes:

Video file with soundtrack and end credits (Full HD, Apple Prores 4444, Quicktime, PCM 48kHz)
Video file with soundtrack and end credits (UltraHD, Apple Prores 4444, Quicktime, PCM 48kHz)
Video file with soundtrack without end credits (FullHD, Apple Prores 4444, Quicktime, PCM 48kHz)
Video file with soundtrack without end credits (Ultra HD, Apple Prores 4444, Quicktime, PCM 48kHz)
Blender 3d file with textures bundle (Version 2.9)
About the Artist
Anton Sakara
Anton Sakara is a multimedia artist focused on motion design since 1998.

He started as a motion designer creating ads and broadcast packagings for tv channels. From 2001 till 2008 he worked as art director of MTV Russia in close collaboration with MTV Central Europe, London where he worked in 2002 at the Channel Promo Department. In 2008 he founded multimedia production company Raketamedia with show director Andrei Boltenko.


MTV Russia Music Awards 2004—2008, MTV Movie Awards 2005—2007, Eurovision 2009 in Moscow, World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Closing Ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the World Expo 2017 in Astana, RU-TV Music Awards 2015-2019, Saudi Aramco opening show for IKTVA 2020. Music Tours and concerts for Niletto, A-Studio, Lube, Ivanushki Intermational, Slava, Shakira, Iowa, Gutsiriev, Leps, Meladze, Drobysh and more.

Festivals, press publications, lectures:

Place Project by Vasava 2004 (book), Stash Magazine 2005 (dvd), On Air: The Visual Messages and Global Language of MTV (book), Digital Creative Arts Magazine 2005 (featured), Moscow Style 2005 (book), Stash Magazine 2006 (dvd), Hacker Magazine 2005 (featured), Growth Project by iamtatic 2006 (featured), Wallpaper Magaizine 2006 (featured), DIA (Design Innovation Awards) 2006 (participant), Big Mag Magazine 2007 (interview), Theory and Practice Moscow 2009 (lecture), Shtabkvartira Magazine 2008 (interview), DIF Magazine 2008 (featured), IBC Expo Amsterdam 2009 (lecture), TEFI Awards 2009 (winner), AwnTV 2010 by Animation World Network (featured), Onedotzero 2010 (featured), Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010 (participant), Mundos Digitales Spain 2010 (participant), Cyber Brothers Moscow 2010 (participant), Designers' Identities (book), MIGZ Motion Festival 2010 (participant), Festival of Light Moscow 2014—2019 (lecturer), CG Event 2009—2019 (lecturer)